Steeped as it is in centuries old traditions, Ubud has evolved as a crucible of sustainable design, artisan creativity, innate craftmanship, mindfulness, culinary inventiveness and the very best that global tourism has to offer.

Choices abound! You could spend your days exploring ancient temples, majestic royal palaces, green hillsides and rice terraces. Or swinging, rafting, cycling, picnicking beside beautiful lakes after swimming under waterfalls. Or visiting little ateliers, workshops, studios and out of the way operations where many work to preserve the ways of the past, or perfect designs for the future. With any of these pursuits punctuated by stops for food and drink that is surprising both in quality and reach.

However, unless you have the luxury of endless time, you may find that a trip to Bali might only include a few days in Ubud. For that reason, here are some of our carefully curated suggestions for a wide range activities to consider, that will give you a greater understanding and appreciation for this diversely rich location.