Dining Out

Ubud is well known as an absolute foodie’s heaven, with some of Bali’s (and Indonesia’s) best eateries, gathered in relatively small area. These fabulously varied eating places support a thriving cohort of artisan growers, makers, bakers and crafters producing and supplying coffee, chocolate, vegetables, herbs, fruit, organic meats, cheese, breads, tofu, heritage rices, spices, salts and palm sugars.

You can set off on an eating adventure, tasting your way around dozens of different cuisines from the simple to the superlative! There are hip little coffee places roasting the beans for their own special blends; cool bars; fab cafes with up to the minute menus; long-time faves still packing a punch and high-end award-winning establishments with amazing a la carte and degustation menus that would hold their own against the best in the world. They are all here, plus ‘grab and go’ street food from roadside vendors and the Pasar Malam (night markets) and authentic warungs (simple Indonesian eating places) making the decision of where to eat when you venture out an exciting (but sometimes confusing) one!

At Kano Sari we like to keep up with all the brightest and best newcomers and established favourites, so we are always ready to help – both with recommendations and reservations. Advance bookings for special occasions are highly advisable.